Miami Lyric Opera presents: Marina

Miami Lyric Opera presents: Marina

Jun 12, 2016.

Colony Theatre

Miami Lyric Opera presents: Marina


MLO Orchestra and Chorus

Chorus Master: Pablo Hernandez

Conductor: Beverly Coulter

  General and Artistic Director: Raffaele Cardone

Marina, orphaned daughter of a merchant captain, awaits the return of Jorge, the man who took her in after her father's death. She is in love with him, but as he is older and her guardian, she has never dared tell him the truth

Another ship's captain Alberto, Teresa's father and a friend of Marina's, tells the girls he is sailing away that evening. Marina asks him to give her a letter he had kept from her father, which she would like to have as a memento. Alberto gladly agrees, but their fond farewells are misinterpreted by Marina's jealous suitor, the ships' fitter Pascual, who considers himself virtually engaged to her Pascual tells her roughly that his clumsy ways stop him expressing his love for her. In exasperation she tells Pascual to ask her guardian for her hand - if Jorge agrees, then she will marry him. As Jorge returns, Pascual loses no time in telling Jorge that he intends to get married, and the older man heartily tells him that he has had the same thought, so why don't they marry on the same day. Pascual names Marina, to Jorge's shock and consternation. Marina is equally hurt that Jorge apparently wants to marry someone else.

Pascual intercepts a sailor bringing the letter from Alberto to Marina, and seeing it is a declaration of eternal love, he leaps to the obvious conclusion, denounces Marina bluntly, breaks off the engagement and rushes away cursing into the night.

As he leaves Jorge appears, and soon understands Pascual's mistake and the innocent identity of the letter writer. When he hints he will be leaving tomorrow, Marina can no longer avoid telling him the identity of the man she really loves, and in a brief duet they admit their love for one another.

Admission: $37, Students with ID $25 at Box Office only. Purchase Online: or


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